About Us


StudioDNA was founded to provide educational & informative dance instruction at affordable prices for all types of dancers (social, wedding, competitive, cardio-fit) in an artistic milieu.  With respect and a touch of humor and levity in our teaching format, it is our hope that you will soon have the passion for dance as we do!

 “Anyone can be taught steps & choreography, but only few of us can dance…I mean really DANCE!  Let me help you unlock your PASSION.  Let me show you how to dance anywhere, anyplace, anytime without reservation.” 

“Don’t settle for mediocrity!!!  Come and dance…Go with the flow.  Create your destiny & enjoy the world around you!”  We all possess artistic creativity and display this in our daily lives.  Come to StudioDNA and let us assist you to reach your potential in life.

     While many studios charge higher rates ($80.00 to $150.00 for 45 minutes) and require contracts, StudioDNA maintains lower rates, $70.00 per hour, and does not require ANY contractual agreements.  We believe that if we offer a good product to you in a friendly non-threatening environment, you will return gladly without feeling contractually obligated!  Our wish is for everyone who comes, will learn and practice their dance freely, joyfully, and filled with spirit! 

**Gift certificates are also available. Wedding Dance Deal: Four, 1-hour lessons for $250.00 (cash or check) or $256.00 (Venmo, PayPal or Zelle). These wedding lessons are best used at least 2 months time prior to your wedding. This offer is for NEW clients only. We can also customize for birthday presents or Holiday gifts as well.  We would love to have the opportunity to meet and work with you!   We want our clients to have fun, experience the romance of dance, and do it all at affordable rates within a controlled atmosphere!

Our Dance Instructor

John D. Dawson, NDCA & PDF:  (CEO, lead choreographer & instructor) is the performing artist, dance instructor, and operator of StudioDNA Partners Inc.  Truly a Renaissance man, John is a poet of movement, color, and expression.  Whether dressing his clients in styles and colors that best enhance their beauty, or applying make-up or styling their hair for a show, John has a creative genius to make everyone look and feel their best!  All of these combined talents along with grace and beauty of John’s dance partners, create the mood and ambiance for all possible artistic expression within StudioDNA.

     John, a member of the National Dance Council of America and the Professional Dance Federation has been instructing dance since 1991.  American Style dance has been John’s expertise in both Bronze and Silver levels.  John has taken clients to first place titles in competition at numerous events.  His degree in psychology from Loyola College in 1991, enables him to work intimately and respectfully with his clients while sharing his passion for dance!  Working with people comes easily to John and he welcomes all his students with patience and encouragement.  John worked in the field of Special Needs Education both in the Baltimore City and Baltimore County School Systems for over 6 years.  Through his tireless efforts and patience, John developed many styles and techniques for teaching which benefit his clients. There are multiple ways in which we learn.

John also has extensive experience in teaching and creating Wedding First Dances for couples. Whether you want your dance to look like “Dancing with the Stars” or very chill and relaxed without a lot of choreography, John will help you get where you have always dreamed. Many wedding couples take 4 to 6 hours of lessons to get the job done. Ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds are all considered while creating your 1st dance, as these are special and important to your identity. StudioDNA respects and welcomes and celebrates all couples who wish to dance regardless of your age, sexual or personal identity, cultural or ethnic background, or religious affiliation. There we covered it all. WE TAKE CARE OF YOU! Come dance at StudioDNA and make some life changing experiences.