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These are not only pictures but memories of great times, fun moments shared, and friends and loved ones that have come together to DANCE!  We hope you enjoy these and maybe some day, you will find your own picture here.  Please let us know if you like what you see or find a friend here.  Our connections and networking help us keep everything feeling more like family than business!  Whether it is you first marriage, second, or third, come celebrate your love with us.  We offer lessons for the entire community: inter-denominations, LGBT unions & marriages, or varied cultural backgrounds with whom you choose to marry.  LOVE is LOVE and DANCE is DANCE!

StudioDNA does not discriminate against ANYONE who wishes to DANCE and share their love & life with their special partner.  We specialize in respect, open communication, and FUN...OH yeah, Dance too!       

**We also offer affordable DJ services for Weddings, Corporate events, Holiday parties, and more.  Give us a call, let's talk!  Or, send an email and we can share the possibilities to make your event memorable & magnificent.

Wedding Dancers, Parent's Dance & more (August 2010 and onward)

Wedding Dancers, Parent's Dance, & Bachelorette Parties (2005-2010)


Wedding Dance Deal:  Get FOUR dance lessons for $250.00.   If you want to get a gift certificate for a friend or family member or get this for yourself, we are more than willing to assist you.  Here's the deal, the couple has two months from the scheduled 1st appointment to use all four.  SO, get four lessons anytime you want within a two months time period Of course you can purchase additional lessons afterwards if you and your teacher feel you need more time and practice for an addition $70.00 per hour at our current regular rate.  PLEASE contact John Dawson, the owner and CEO, to ask questions or schedule appointments with one of our wedding professionals.  We are excited and more than willing to assist you in any way we can to make your 1st dance the best ever!

We can suggest wedding songs for your 1st dance and we also have some perfect matches for father/daughter and mother/son dances too.  410-905-3262 (410-905-DANC)