My Four-Legged Friends! the dancin' Poodles

They take a lot of time and energy, but if you have had the fortunate pleasure of meeting these little fur'll LOVE them too!  These little pals bring such happiness to my life.

MerryAnne Coalette, we call her Coalette, and she is the Black (with Sable highlights) Female born around December 25th, 2008.  After Bijou passed, I got on the internet and found a Rescue in PA where we drove to get her....3 hours in a snow storm!   She was our Christmas present.  She and Ginger get on so well only being one year apart in age and weighing in at a huge 12 -14 lbs each, we are so happy to have her!

Ginger Lilly is the Red, Female and she was born on May 30th, 2007.  She was purchased from a local pet store.  I saw her and grabbed her and wouldn't let her go!  Ginger is 12 pounds of JOY!  And, now she is the teacher & pack leader (next to me of course) for her new little pal, Coalette.


Bijou November 1997 - December 2009  I got Bijou, our white/apricot, male from an ad in the paper at 6 months of age.  He was the greeter and JOY & SOUL of StudioDNA.  One could not ever find a more well mannered even tempered pet than Bijou!  Soon after his 12th birthday, we found a huge cancer mass on his kidney and he passed less than a week later.  He is missed by many!

Cammeaux October 1997 - April 2009  Cammeaux, our silver female, was a rescue from Williamsburg, VA.  She needed lots of time and rehabilitation as she was 2 years old when I got her!  We believe she was a show dog....such a lovely specimen of the Poodle breed.  Her colors were so bright and vibrant, but an auto-immune disease wore her poor little body out.  After 3 years of meds and battling this issue, she passed at age 12.  Cammeaux is dearly missed and her memory lives on!

Coalette & Ginger Jan 2010

Dancing together!


Coalette's 1st dance party...New Years eve 2009

Fall 2009

Bijou has his specs on

at the Beach Summer 2009

beached Poodles

Poodle Power!




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