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Please do not hesitate to contact John if you have any questions!  Styling hair, make-up applications, and suggestions for skin care are all a part of looking good and feeling good.  Let John help with you any special occasion!

BeautiControl  ....Let's KISS and Make-up

    John has been a proud Consultant of BeautiControl products since 1993.  Having used many of these products for his own personal care as well as professional use for theatre and dance, John highly recommends BeautiControl.  "Introducing my clients to these fabulous products is just another way for them to feel great about themselves.  I wouldn't be sharing these products if I didn't believe in them." 

     Men and women WILL benefit from the treasures BeautiControl has to offer.  Let John share these products with you and your friends.  You can order through John directly at the studio.  We have stock waiting for you, or you can go to link and get the products delivered straight to you.

     Contact John is if you wish to learn more options for joining the BeautiControl team and becoming your own independent agent.  Also, John can come to your work site or home for a SPA retreat to share with your friends and family in hopes you will fall head over heels for our many fine products.


Contact John: 410-905-3262 (410-905-DANCE)  Email John: