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MISSION StudioDNA was founded to provide educational & informative dance instruction at affordable prices to all types of dancers (social, wedding, competitive, cardio-fit) in an artistic milieu.  With respect and a touch of humor and levity in our teaching format, it is our hope that YOU will soon have the passion for dance as we do!

   "Anyone can be taught steps & choreography, but only few of us can dance...I mean really DANCE!  Let me help you unlock your PASSIONLet me show you how to dance anywhere, anyplace, anytime without reservation." 

"Don't settle for mediocrity!!!  Come and dance...Go with the flow.  Create your destiny & enjoy the world around you!"

     While many studios charge higher rates (currently $75.00 to $125.00 for 45 minutes) and require contracts, StudioDNA maintains lower rates...$70.00 per hour, and does not require ANY contractual agreements.  We believe that if we offer a good product to you in a friendly non-threatening environment, you will return gladly without feeling contractually obligated!  Our wish is for everyone who comes, will learn and practice their dance freely, joyfully, and filled with spirit! 

     Gift certificates are also available for wedding couples, birthday presents, or Holiday gifts.  We would love to have the opportunity to meet and work with you!   We want our clients to have fun, experience the romance of dance, and do it all at affordable rates within a controlled atmosphere!

We all possess artistic creativity and display this in our daily lives.  Come to StudioDNA and let our professionals assist you to reach your potential in life.

**Gift certificates are also available for wedding couples (Wedding Dance Deal 4, 1-hour lessons for $250.00 to be used in 2 months time for new clients only), birthday presents, or Holiday gifts.  We would love to have the opportunity to meet and work with you!   We want our clients to have fun, experience the romance of dance, and do it all at affordable rates within a controlled atmosphere!

Magazine, News Articles, and Media events in which John Dawson &/or StudioDNA has appeared:

     The January 2nd, 2015 issue of The Baltimore Jewish Times entitled "Slow...Quick, Quick, Slow" describes the benfits of dance personally, emotionally, physically, and soaically highlighting four of our dance clients.  Complete audio, video clips, and article can be seen here

     The June 2011 Baltimore Magazine (The Food Lovers Guide) on page 83, displays a wonderful picture of Heidi Slacum and John dancing from the Alzheimer Association's 2011 Memory Ball.

      The April 2011 Style Magazine advertises the Memory Ball 2011 and StudioDNA's John Dawson as a featured professional for the "Dancing Stars" event.  John partners Heidi Slacum to raise awareness and funds to benefit the Alzheimer Association's on April 16th, 2011.

      The Friday edition, April 15th 2011 in The Baltimore Sun features an article "Dancing raises Alzheimer's awareness" to advertise the 2011 Memory Ball in which John Dawson will be partner with local FRESH! boutique shop owner Heidi Slacum.

      The Baltimore Flowermart held in Mount Vernon on May 7th and 8th of 2010 is celebrating it's 93rd year.  John & Michelle of StudioDNA were invited to give a dance demonstration.  John was also asked to join the judging panel for a Swing Dance contest.

           The Sunday edition, May 2nd 2010 in The Baltimore Sun, the Arts & Entertainment section features John's quote while training a couple (Ray Mitchener & Chi Chi Bosworth) to perform for the Alzheimer Association's Memory Ball.

     In April of 2010 WBAL website and radio came to interview John and Ray Mitchener and Chi Chi Bosworth for their work to benefit the Alzheimer Association's Memory Ball.

    The December 2009 edition of Loyola, the magazine for Loyola University Maryland features StudioDNA for Ballroom Dance Lessons along with a photo of John & Andrea Gault. 

    July 2007's edition of the Baltimore Magazine (Baltimore Best Places to Work edition) pages 14 & 107 have photographs and 106 is a full page article which discusses John's 15 years of teaching, memories, accounts of clients, and the recent public interest in dance due to the TV show "Dancing with the Stars."

   The January 2004 issue of The Baltimore Times featured a photos and story of John and his competitive dance history.

    This is the third time John has appeared in Baltimore Magazine:  March 1996, February 1999, and now July 2007.

   John has also been written about in Amateur Dancers Magazine March/April 2003 and July/August 2002, Style Magazine September/October 1998, and Dance Teacher Now October 1998. 

Performance Recognition:  

     Having danced and choreographed for clients locally and abroad, John would like to recognize those few special women & men that have danced with him and "tripped the light fantastic".  Would you like to see your name here too????? Contact John


On the Competitive edge, John has now danced in numerous local East Coast Competitions:  New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC, & Virginia These talented and goal-driven women have all stepped onto the competitive dance floor:  Norma Battista, Emma Beard, Andy Berman, Renaye Briscoe, Ellen Brooks, Emily Brown, Karen Caplan, Nancy DeMarco, Deniz Erman, Amy Fales, Sonja Fraser, Maureen Gary, Andrea Gault, Elaine Gittlen, Tatjana Frost (Pro), Robin Harvey, Dian Hicks, Michelle Hoffman, Fran Iamele, Metti Kanno, Karen Caplan, Ellen Katz, Liza Massouda, Beth McHugh, Maya Platt-Lancaster, Deborah Lewis, Lynne Malone, Chanya Nilanont, Rita Panoscha, Ariana Rodriguez, Cora Sarmiento, Lynne Schwartz-Rodriguez, Donna Siegel, Patty Simmons, Heidi Slacum, Katy Smith, Erica Sugar, Lilly Sass, Joan Tipudan, Marie-Laure Waldman, Melissa White, Susan Williams, Lorraine Wyatt, Sue Wyche, and Katie Zook.  click here to see Competition pictures

The following ladies have performed in routines during various Showcases in the Baltimore Area with John since the start of his dance career: Lauretta Adams, Geri Alusik, Laurie Anderson (Pro), Danielle Areco (Pro), Emma Beard, Andrea Berman, Renaye Briscoe, Emily Brown, Elita Clayman, Karen Caplan, Abby Coplan, Teedy Diamond, Deniz Erman, Amy Fales, Jennifer Fales, Lois Finifter, Sonja Fraser, Megan Friedman,  Andrea Gault, Elaine Gittlen, Tamar Guy, Dian Hicks, Joan Henderson Hodous, Susan Hoffman, Winova Hood, Michelle Horseman (Pro), Amy Kahn, Metti Kanno, Ellen Katz, Leighanne Kiger, Bernice Levin, Sandy Kinley, Deborah Lewis, Mary Lindeman, Liza Massouda, Betsy Mayer, Beth McHugh, Ashley Miller, Roni Mosco, Karen Wheatley-Moss, Lisa Nigrin, Chanya Nilanont, Rita Panoscha, Amy Pratte, Tina Rae Rallo (Pro), Ariana Rodriguez, Rose Salvino, Cora Sarmiento, Margie Saunders, Kim Shapiro, Karen Sibony, Donna Siegel, Patty Simmons, Heidi Slacum, Katy Smith, Erica Sugar, Lilly Suss, Jean Taylor, Marie-Laure Waldman, Courtney Weisman, Melissa White, Susan Williams, Charlotte Wilkes, Lorraine Wyatt, Sue Wyche, and Wendy Zimmerman.   click here to see Showcase pictures

Couples that were choreographed by John for Competition Andrea Gault & Randall Jones, Patty Simmons & Karl Starner, and Robin & Rainier Harvey.

Couples that were choreographed by John to perform for a Showcase Howard Asplen with Melissa White, Emma Beard & Stinson Evans, Sheri Blum & Wendy Zimmerman, Ronald Blumson with Melissa White, Chi Chi Bosworth & Ray Mitchener, Clementine Catapano & Chris Weaver, Jack Claunch & Patty Simmons, Carol & Russell Cook, Nancy DeMarco & Robert Pallone, Andrea Gault and Randy Jones, Elaine & Barry Gittlen, Robin & Rainier Harvey, Dian Bosley & Jerry Hicks, Dian Bosley & Karl Starner, Kristine & John Langville, Liza Massouda & Michael Kubik, Liza Massouda & Karl Starner, Liza Massouda Koh & Roy Koh, Liza Massouda & Warren Massouda, Kim Shapiro & Mike Pierce, Donna & Brian Siegel, Karl Starner with Melissa White, Karl Starner with Michelle Horseman, Loretta Willers & Ronald Blumson, Katie & Justin Zook.   click here to see Showcase pictures

 Showcases with Patty: Jack Claunch, John Dawson, Roy Koh, Steve Levin, Sue Pistorio, David Simmons, & Karl Starner. 

 Tap Showcases with Patty: John Dawson, Michelle Horseman, Amy Kahn, Sue Little, Sharon Parrish, Margie Peterson, Randy Smollen, & Judy Weitzman.

A Special thank you:  Elita Clayman has been StudioDNA's official Web Proof Reader.  We appreciate her time and energies to help us be our best.


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