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October Dance Party  10-18-2014

      Thanks to all our dance friends who came to share their joyful spirits with us on this FUN FESTIVE dance night.  Autumn is such a great time of the year:  it's cool, sweaters come out from hiding, and the colors from nature are so vibrant too.  The dance lesson presented for the evening was in SALSA.  After the lesson, the music played, the laughter began, and an easy feeling with good people came to us.  This is StudioDNA!


Liza, John, & Patty

Debbie & John

Our Oct dance pals

Dian, Katie, & Linda

Russ & Carol

Mike & Dorothy

Steve & Liza

Don & Linda tearing up the floor

John & Carol

Chanya, John, & the Poodles

John & Dian

Shenaz, Liza, & Dian

Debbie & Faith

Russ & Katie


John spinning Dian in a Hustle

Debbie & Don

John & Patty

line dancin'

Dian, Chanya, & Patty

Shenaz & Debbie

Liza pretty posing

Liza, John, Debbie, Dian, & Patty

John & John

Dian, Patty, John, & Katie

Patty & John

John & Katie