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Autumn Showcase & Dance Party November 15th, 2014

We had a wonderful event of 12 dance performances.  We had 50 people packed in our studio anxious and excited to watch their dance friends.  I cannot remember a time when the energy was so high and EXCELLENT at one of our showcases.  It really was a very special evening.  Thank you to everyone that came and supported us or sent well wishes if they unable to attend.  A special thanks to Debbie for being our DJ & Emcee for the evening, David for his videography, photography work, & tech support.  We celebrated Steve, Carol, & Patty's birthdays with cake, song, and lots of hugs!  We wish them much LOVE & many more happy years of dancing!!!

Our Showcase lineup:  Debbie & John started off the show with Debbie warming up John & demonstrating good technique to him in a cute little Foxtrot number.  Dian & John danced West Coast Swing fusion dance filled with lots of strutting and sassy body moves.  Chanya & John performed a Tango combining American style and Argentine style moves and choreography.  Patty & Steve (1st time dancer) danced a beautiful & well poised  Waltz to "Foolish" by Johnny Mathis.  Cora & John took off running on the next Broadway show tune number which was a joyful Viennese Waltz from "South Pacific".  Dian & Karl hit the floor for a Samba that they hope to use in a competition one day soon.  Donna & John danced an energetic & fun Single-time Swing to "Crazy Little Thing Called Love".  Carol & Russell celebrated their life together by dancing a sweet Foxtrot routine.  Patty & Karl performed a gorgeous flowing and effortless Waltz to a timeless classic, "Fascination".  Liza & John got down on the floor and did a boogie, hand rolling, finger pointing, number of a Hustle to a Bee Gees song.  Dian & John floating across the floor dancing a Bolero filled with emotion and sensitivity.  Patty & John closed the show with a fast-paced and spirited Quickstep taking us back to the Roaring 20's. 

Debbie & John: Foxtrot

Chanya & John: Tango

Russell & Carol: Foxtrot

Donna & John: Swing

Patty & Karl: Waltz

Dian & John: Bolero

Karl & Dian: Samba

Cora & John: Viennese Waltz

Patty & John: Quickstep

Patty & Steve: Waltz

Dian & John: West Coast Fusion

Liza & John: Hustle

Tango lesson

Charlie, Nancy, & Debbie

Steve & his family

Ronny & Ellen

Nevin & Jennifer

Erica, Karl, & Patty

Brian & Donna

Nevin, Chanya, & Alisa

Ellen & Milt

Tracy & Beth

Chanya's family

Celebrating Steve, Carol, & Patty's Birthdays

Shelley, John, & Chuck

Faith & Karl

Irene & Rob

Patty & Steve

Michelle, Randy, & Dian

Cora, Mia, & Ed

Mel, John, & David

Justin, Katie, Carol, & Russ celebrate Carol's Bday

John & Katie

John & John

Faith & Ginger snuggling

John, Patty, Karl, & Dian