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Spring Showcase & Dance Party May 10th, 2014

      John thanks all the dancers for working so hard and making this event possible and all our attendees how came to support and cheer for us.  The lesson taught before the Showcase was a Waltz StudioDNA was proud to present 12 Spring Showcase dances!  A special thank you goes out to Liza & Dian for being our DJ and Emcee and David for his tech support and video & photography work.  If you missed our show, we have DVD's for sale to catch you up on all the excitement!

     We were so pleased to have Roger & Claire join us.  They spontaneously got married at their home earlier on in the day and came to celebrate by dancing with us.  What a joy!  Liza & Roy, who met here at StudioDNA, will be married this Summer.  CONGRATULATIONS and may years of love, patience, and dancing to our couples!

Nelson (7 years old) & Alexa (8 years old) opened our show with a Rumba and this was their 1st time performing together.  John & Liza danced next to a Cha Cha to an NSYNC song.  Justin & Katie performed a casual and free-spirited Foxtrot to an unconventional yet really cool song as they showed off their new Silver steps mixed with Bronze too.  John & Patty kicked up the energy with a sassy Triple Swing with lots of kicks, turns, and fancy footwork.  Roy & Liza performed a romantic Rumba, the dance of LOVE, and showed their love to each other as they will soon be married.  Mazel Tov & Congratulations to our dear friends.   John & Alexa (8 years old) danced a Foxtrot, to "You Are my Sunshine."  John & Dian showed off their sexy Rumba complete with tease, turns, & titillating temptations.  John & Donna brought out their Foxtrot that was reminiscent of a Fred & Ginger number with arm styling, chaine turns, and solo pieces.  Karl & Patty next danced a fusion dance of Tango & Cha Cha seamlessly mixing up the Smooth & Rhythm dances.  Our next dance took place in a small cafe' in an exotic destination where John & Cora portrayed as waiter and lovely lady danced a Waltz and shared a joyful moment together.  Roy & Patty danced a very fun & spirited Foxtrot to Paul Anka's remake "Smells Like Teen Spirit."  John & Debbie closed the show with a gorgeous Viennese Waltz and displayed the ups and downs of relationships and the joy of breaking free from the old and welcoming in the new. Just let go and give into JOY.  The entire Spring Showcase was a CELEBRATION for all of us.  We thank you for coming to see us and/or viewing our web link and enjoying the dance.

John welcomes you!

Alexa & Nelson: Rumba

Liza & John: Cha Cha

Katie & Justin: Foxtrot

Patty & John: Swing

Liza & Roy: Rumba

Alexa & John: Foxtrot

Dian & John: Rumba

Donna & John: Foxtrot

Patty & Karl: Tango/Cha

Cora & John: Waltz

Patty & Roy: Foxtrot

Debbie & John: Viennese Waltz

the kids pre-show

Elaine & Barry

Roy, Warren, & Lily

Ed & Mia

Roger & Claire

John's family

Barry, Dian, & Elaine

Donna & Brian


Natalie & Angus

Roger & Claire

Argentine Tango

line dance fun


Dian, Karl, & Debbie

Liza & John

Patty, Deb, & Kristen

Liza & Roy

Cora, John, & Mia

Ed & John...goofballs

John & the Poodles

the gang