The Maryland DanceSport  Championships  Feb 1st, 2013

   The BWI Marriott hosted this event with Andrea Ringgold & Glenis Dee.  As usual, Andrea & Glenis were able to say hello and make every effort to keep the event smooth and professional.  Thanks again for another great comp ladies.  Congratulations to Dian, Patty, & Sue for a great job dancing!  Working hard and focusing your skills to compete and show off on the competitive floor is a most difficult thing to do.  And, StudioDNA is wonderfully proud of you and your continued success! 

      We left StudioDNA about 7:30 AM and arrived around 9:00 AM at BWI due to an ice storm that came through.  Patty was 1st on the floor at 9:20 we had to rush.  Our Smooth division heats were scheduled between 9:20 AM and 2:00 PM.      

Dian:  4th Place: silver 1 Waltz & silver 1 Foxtrot     7th Place: bronze 2 Tango




Patty:  3rd Place: pre-bronze Viennese Waltz    5th place: pre-silver Waltz    6th Place: bronze 2 Tango & pre-silver Foxtrot




Sue:  3rd Place: bronze 2 Viennese Waltz, pre-silver Foxtrot, pre-silver Waltz,  4th Place: bronze 2 Tango  6th Place: silver 1 Waltz





Patty, Dian, & Sue




John & Patty

John & Dian

John & Sue