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June's Celebrate Summer & ULGY shirt Dance Party June 21st, 2014

We hosted our 1st UGLY shirt night....and our LAST too.  It did not go over so well.  Everyone at StudioDNA is fashion forward and on top of their look.  Thanks to everyone who came to dance and have fun with us.  The lesson was Cha Cha from 7:30 until 8:00 PM.  Great times can be had at StudioDNA....ask our clients!  Our dance parties are great ways to exercise, meet new friends, practice steps from your lessons, and have a SAFE FUN evening out with good warm welcoming people!  Come make memories at StudioDNA.

our dance friends

Debbie & John

the Cha Cha lesson

Karl, Patty, John, & Dian

Lud & Carmen

Hank & Sharon

Debbie & Judy

line dance fun

John & Linda

Lud & Carmen

Patty & Dian

Rick & Debbie

Patty & Karl

Faith & Linda

Sharon & Judy

John & Chanya

Faith & Don

Dian & Steve

John & Linda

Dian, Patty, & Debbie