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Red, White, & Blue dance party July 12th, 2014

Thanks to all our dance friends for coming to the party and wearing their patriotic colors.  We had a great time dance turnout with colors representing the RED team, the BLUE team, and the NEUTRAL team.  The lesson for the evening was Hustle and we were able to apply various styles and moves to enhance everyone's dance.  We have such fun dancing with good friends and the comfortable atmosphere here at StudioDNA cannot be beat!  We also celebrated John's belated 4th of July birthday. 

the gang minus a few who left a little early

teaching the Hustle

Roy, Liza, & Patty

Charlie & Nancy

Joy & Richard

John & David

John, Rick, & Charlie

Chanya & Ginger

Irene & Rob

Dian, Karl, & Patty

Patty & Steve

Rob, Irene, Debbie, & Rick

Faith & Coalette

Celebrating John's BDay

Chanya & John

newlyweds Roy & Liza

Debbie, Richard, Joy, & John

Getting buck wild at StudioDNA. Oh my!

Patty, John, Karl, & Dian

Coalette & Ginger wait for a snack.

John & Patty