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January Dance Party Jan 18th, 2014

It's always a great time to get together and dance with our good friends for the FIRST PARTY of the NEW YEAR!  Time for resolutions, weight loss & strength training, quitting bad habits and starting healthy new ones, vowing to spend better quality time with family & friends, and of course DANCE DANCE DANCE!  Our lesson for the evening was in the slow and sensual Rumba.  Everyday you decide to better your self is a GREAT day!  StudioDNA is here to celebrate every life victory.  Here's to a BRAND NEW YOU!

Your dance hosts

Dian, David, & Roy

John , Liza, & the girls

Karl & Chanya


Our gang

Patty & Karl

line dance time

Liza & Roy

Helaine & Karl

Patty & Chanya

Dian & Roy

See, Speak, Hear no evil!

Dian & Ginger

Karl & Dian

Patty & Coalette

Helaine & Chanya

John, Roy, & Liza

John & Dian

Dian cutie patootie

Patty & John