The Baltimore FlowerMart  Saturday, May 3rd 2014  

  The Baltimore FlowerMart is an annual event held in downtown Baltimore in Mount Vernon Place at the junction of Charles Street and Monument Street with over 130 vendors in attendance.  Baltimore was the home for the first FlowerMart in 1911.  John, after being a guest judge for the dance contest in 2010, is now the Committee Chairperson along with Patty Simmons to organize, run, and judge the 2014 Dance Event called The 2014 FlowerMart Fancy Feet Dance Contest

     The StudioDNA Tappers under the tutelage of Patty Simmons danced and performed three numbers for the crowd.   This year Patty had 4 new Tappers along with 6 of our veteran performers.  Thanks again to these talented and awesome performers for joining us!

        Your know it's gonna be a great event when you have guest hosts Gigi Barnett of WJZ Channel 13 and singer/comedian Russ Margo.   They sang, chatted with  the crowd, and entertained us while the Contests were between breaks.   Russ  saved us by playing some awesome tunes when the sound system failed so our contestants could dance the Swing.  Thanks again Russ. 

            We had a special dancer this year perform.  Alexa, who is 8 years old, came and danced a Rumba with John.  It was her 1st dance performance ever and she did an awesome job.  She is such a great little follower and super wonderful little girl!

        John Dawson, Patty Simmons, & Dian Bosley were judges for the dance contest.  There were three categories for this years dance event: Salsa, Swing, & Freestyle.  The 1st place winners for Salsa were Katie & Justin Zook.  The 1st place winners for Swing were Keisha Bates & Patrick Indenbaum.  And, the 1st place winner for Freestyle was Amandine Waldman.

             StudioDNA thanks Jo Suman and Karen Lease and John Valentini, Jr. for their dedication and tireless efforts which made this 2014 FlowerMart event an fun, flowery, fantastic, FANCY FEET day!

Historic Mt Vernon

Tulips in bloom

John, Karen Lease, & Patty

John & Carol Purcell

Russ, GiGi, & John

Dian, John, & Patty, judges.

StudioDNA Tappers performing

Our newset Tappers. Tiffany, Jen, Tara, & Shirley.

Patty & John demonstrate Swing

John & Dian dance a Hustle

John & Dian dance a Cha Cha

our fabulous Hosts & Emcees

Getting ready for the Salsa contest

Salsa dancers

sunshine Salsa dancers

Salsa dancers

the Swing contest

Swing Dance contest

More Swing

Frestlye Fun

Fancy Feet indeed



Smiling happy faces

enjoying the show

Patty, & GiGi award 1st place to Amandine for Freestyle

1st place Swing: Keisha & Patrick. 1st place Salsa: Katie & Justin. Dominique & Greg runners up.

Alexa & Jake

1st place Swing winners Katie & Justin

John & Dian

John, Patty, Katie, & Dian, the after party!