The Baltimore FlowerMart  Saturday, May 4th 2013  

   What a perfect sunny happy wonderful day to celebrate!  John has been involved with this organization since 2010 and is now the Committee Chairperson along with Patty Simmons.  Together they organize, participate, demonstrate, and run the Dance Contests for the FlowerMart.  We at StudioDNA have named this event The Fancy Feet Dance Contest.  The Baltimore FlowerMart is an annual event held in downtown Baltimore in Mount Vernon Place at the junction of Charles Street and Monument Street with over 130 vendors in attendance.  Baltimore was the home for the first FlowerMart in 1911. 

     Gigi Barnett of WJZ Channel 13 and singer/comedian Russ Margo are always a special part of our event.  They provide us with entertainment, jokes and laughs, and smiles for everyone to enjoy.  Russ also sings and plays keyboards while we are collaborating between dance heats.

     The StudioDNA Tappers under the tutelage of Patty Simmons tapped their hearts and feet out for the excited crowd.  It is such an honor to have these dedicated women perform and strut their tapping selves for our enjoyment.  Thanks to Patty and her crew, the people all around the monument are thrilled and energized every year!

     Michelle Horseman offered up her Zumba workout for everyone to try or watch.  The stage was rockin' for sure as fast & furious feet moved quickly to her pumpin' jams.  Way to go Michelle.

      John Dawson, Michelle Horseman, Patty Simmons, & Dian Bosley were judges for the dance contest.  There were three categories for this years dance event: Salsa, Swing, & Freestyle.  The 1st place winners for Swing & Salsa were Keisha Bates & Patrick Indenbaum.  And, the 1st place winner for Freestyle was Amandine Waldman.

       StudioDNA thanks Jo Suman and Karen Lease and John Valentini, Jr. for their awesome work and entire year of service to make this 2 day event a day of FUN! 

The dance judges: John, Liza, Michelle, & Patty

Karen, Courtney, Jo, & John

John, GiGi, & Russ

John announcing

Tap time

Terrific Tappers

hugs for everyone

lil dancin' buddy

Everyone has fun at the FlowerMart

Dance fun

Swing Dancin'

still Swingin'

More Swing

the winners

another winner

Salsa & Swing winners

Zumba demo

Cha Cha performance

demo by John & Michelle

teaching a line dance

Liza & friends

John & Chat share a hug

Dian & her Mom

Johnny V.

Marie, Winova, & Amandine

Liza & Michelle

Michelle & Dian

Liza & John

Zumba time

Patty & David

John & a few of the StudioDNA Tappers