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Winter Showcase & Dance Party  February 22nd, 2014

      Our Winter Showcase was a HUGE success.  We presented 11 dances both Smooth and Rhythm to a full house of close to 40 people.  We thank all our friends and family and clients who came to support us.  A special thanks to Dian & Liza for assisting our show as DJ & Emcees. Thank you to David for his continued videography, photography work, & technical assistance. 

Our Showcase lineup:   Liza & John started off the evening with a slow romantic Waltz.  Justin & Katie danced a spirited Tango to a pop non-traditional tango song.  John & Patty did a Lyrical Foxtrot complete with lifts, dips, and beautiful flowing arms.  John & Donna showed off a Country styled fast-paced Quickstep that had kicks, jumps, runs, and fancy footwork.  Dian & John gracefully whirled around the ballroom doing a Viennese WaltzKarl & Patty performed a West Coast Swing to an instrumental version of "Honky Tonk Woman" that was way to sassy to describe.  Cora & John danced a Cha Cha, Salsa, Samba, & Merengue mix, we call a Latin Fusion, with more than 1/2 of the song being side-by-side solos to a Pitbull song.  Carol & Russell danced a Samba/Cha Cha combo dance called a Chamba to "Down Under" which was dedicated to their family in Australia.  Patty & Roy entertained the crowd with a sexy stylized Salsa John & Debbie ended our show with a beautifully expressive Rumba to "I Just Cant' Stop Loving You." 

Your dance hosts: Liza, John, & Patty

Liza & John: Waltz

Justin & Katie: Tango

John & Patrty: Lyrical Foxtrot

Donna & John: Quickstep

Roy & Liza: Tango

John & Dian: Viennese Waltz

Patty & Karl: West Coast Swing

John & Cora: Latin Fusion

Carol & Russell: Chamba

Patty & Roy: Salsa

Debbie & John: Rumba

Lily, Brian, Liza, & Warren

Elaine & Barry

Debbie & John

Andy & Rose

John & Dian

Patty & Poodles

dance fun

Cora & Bernice

Beth & Tracy

John, Debbie, Beth, Tracy, Georgia, & Joe

Andy, Rose, Katie, Justin, Carol, & Russ

John & Patty

Al & Dian. Happy faces!

a few of our dance pals

John & Cora

Bernice & John

John & his dad, Al

Dian & Karl


Liza, Patty, Karl, Roy, & Dian