An Afternoon of Dance at ENVOY Nursing Home  in Pikesville

     John and our StudioDNA dancers put on a show at Envoy in Pikesville for the residents and staff.  Our 45 minute presentations are wonderfully received by all.  We dance a Holiday show during December and throughout the year we dance various themes to keep the shows fresh, interesting, and exciting for the patrons of Envoy.  We, the dancers, might get more out of these performances then those we entertain there.  It feels so personally fulfilling to give back to the community.  It doesn't cost much to give a smile and share the love.  Music and dance have always been a therapeutic way to reach someone in need.  Thanks to all of our StudioDNA dancers that participate and share their time and energies.  We dedicated our dances to David's mother, Mom-Marie, who is the "Patron Saint" of Envoy.  And now, Patty's father, Mr. Al, is a resident there.  StudioDNA celebrates all those who struggle with Alzheimer's Disease.  We do what we can, when we can, however we can.....because we care!  And, it really does make the difference.

**Marie, David's mom and dear friend to many, passed away on October 9th, 2011.  She is very much missed.  StudioDNA continues to dance at Envoy in memory and honor of Marie and to delight those at the facility.  Marie's spirit is with us at every event!

Holiday Dance Show Nov 24th 2012: Patty, Michelle, Liza, & John

friends who came to support Nov 2012

Jake, Patty, & her father, Albert

Nov 2012 StudioDNA Tappers: Michelle, Judy, & Patty

Holiday Dance Show Dec 17, 2011: Roy, Patty, Karen, Michelle, Dian, & John

StudioDNA Tappers Holiday Show Dec 2011: Judy, Patty, Kathy, Michelle, & Sharon

Dec 2011 Holiday Show: Patty & Roy

Judy, Michelle, Patty, John, Bernice, Dian, & Michelle Oct 15, 2011

John & Michelle Oct 15, 2011

the dancers with Staff Activities coordinator, Jean Oct 15, 2011

StudioDNA Tappers: Patty, Michelle, & Judy Oct 15, 2011

Our April 2nd, 2011 Dancers: Dian, Liza, Judy, Bernice, Patty, Sharon, John, & Karen

Mom-Marie 4-2-11

David & his Mom

Patty's Tappers April 2, 2011

Our Dec 2010 Dancers: Randy, Amy, Bernice, Judy, John, Alegra, Patty, & Liza

Patty's Tapper Dec 2010: Judy, Amy, Patty, Alegra, & John

Patty & Her Dad, Al who came to watch

David and his Mom with the dancers 12-10

Our June 2010 Dancers: Dian, Elaine, Liza, John, Patty, Karen, & Michelle

Our Dancers Feb 2009: John, Dian, Amy, Sheri, Karen, Michelle, Patty, & Dave

Mom-Marie & John

Patty & Dave 2-09

Wendy & Sheri 2-09

Karen & John 2-09

John & Dian 2-09

Sheri, Karen, Michelle, Dian, Patty, & Wendy 2-09