Baltimore DanceSport Challenge  March 15th 2014

     This is StudioDNA's 3nd year in attendance at the Baltimore DanceSport Challenge sponsored by Marielle Pabon at the Westin Hotel at BWI.  Dian, Katie (1st time dancing at a competition), Patty, & Sue showed off their talents and hard work and made StudioDNA quite proud.  This one day competition combined Smooth & Rhythm dances in a close venue to our studio, so we try to attend every year.  John wishes to thank these four women for their dedication to dance and allowing him the opportunity to teach, work with them, and lead them on the dance floor.  A special THANK YOU to Debbie, Russell & Carol, and Justin for coming to support, watch, and cheer us on.


Dian 1st: Cha Cha   2nd: Rumba & Swing     



Katie:  2nd: Salsa   3rd Place: Cha Cha & Rumba



Patty: 1st: Tango, Swing, West Coast Swing, Salsa, Hustle, & Samba   2nd: Silver Foxtrot,    3rd Place: Viennese Waltz  



Sue:  1st: Tango, Silver Waltz, Silver Foxtrot, Intmed. Silver Waltz, & Silver Closed Smooth 3 dance (Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot)






Sue, John, & Patty



Patty & John

John & Sue

Patty, Debbie, Sue, Katie, Dian, & John

John & Debbie

Patty, Katie, & Dian

Marielle & Jackie

Patty, Katie, John, & Dian

Justin, Katie, Carol, & Russell

Patty & John

John & Dian

Katie & John

Katie, Dian, & Patty




At the bar...again??? These girls know how to party

Justin & Katie


the girls having fun