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Summer Showcase & Dance Party August 16th, 2014

   StudioDNA proudly presented 12 showcase numbers for an appreciative crowd of family, friends, & dance pals. Our StudioDNA performers had been hard at work for three months or more on these dance routines.  We have such a great group of sensitive, honest, and joyful people who come here to dance.  Whether your visit is to support a dance friend, socialize with others, rehab and cardio your body, or just DANCE, we have something to offer everyone.  John taught a Foxtrot lesson prior to the Showcase to get the crowd warmed up and ready for the dance.  We celebrated Liza's Birthday and continue and thanked her as an integral part of our StudioDNA staff.  We extend a big thank you to all the dancers that take time and energy to participate in our showcases.  A special thanks goes out to Debbie for doing a stupendous job being our DJ and Emcee for the evening and David for his tech support and video & photography work.

     Patty & John started the evening with a Latin Fusion dance combining Salsa, Cha Cha, Freestyle, & some Tango too.  Our next dance was a Foxtrot performed by Dian & Karl who were dancing for the first time together.  Chanya & John, first time dancer, performed a Samba Katie & Justin then danced a Cha Cha to "Having My Baby" which told a heartwarming story that they are expecting a baby girl.  Dian, Patty, Karl, & John performed a Latin Group Formation.  Cora & John showed off their Hustle complete with rolling hands, pointed finger, and a line dance too.  Liza & Roy gave us a special treat and danced their 1st Wedding Dance for us. Patty & Karl closed danced a fast paced Double Time East Coast Swing to ABBA's "Waterloo".  Next, Liza & Warren danced the Father/Daughter dance from Liza's wedding. Dian & John took us to a scene from "Cabaret" as they danced a Tango.  Patty & John graced the floor with a flowing lyrical style Viennese Waltz.  Debbie & John closed the show with a tormented, twisted, teasing Tango

Patty & John-Latin Fusion

Dian & Karl-Foxtrot

Chanya & John-Samba

Katie & Justin-Cha Cha

John, Dian, Karl, & Patty-Grp Latin Fusion

Cora & John-Hustle

Liza & Roy- Wedding 1st dance

Patty & Karl-Swing

Liza & Warren- Father/Daughter dance

Dian & John-Tango

Patty & John-Viennese Waltz

Debbie & John-Tango

Ed, Karl, & Erica

Katie, Ron, Judy, & Justin

always smiling Steve, such a great guy

Irene & Betty chat and hold Coalette.

Carmen & Lud

Don & Linda

Rick & Faith

the gang

John & Irene

Shelley & John

John & Betty

Line Dance time

Lud & Dian

Liza & Roy, newlyweds.

Linda & Katie share a smile.

Steve & Patty

John & David

Debbie, Justin, & Katie

Carmen & John

Dian & Kristen

Patty & Karl

Debbie & David

Helaine & Liza

Helen, Eric, Lud, & Carmen

Chuck & Shelley

John & Debbie

John & Dian

Patty & Katie

Cora & David

Liza's Bday surprise

John, Cora, & Roy

Chuck, Dian, & Shelley