Atlantic DanceSport Challenge  June 14th 2014

     This is our 5th year in attendance at The Atlantic DanceSport Challenge, hosted by Igor and Polina and held at the Baltimore Hunt Valley Inn.  This comp is a one day event which had Smooth at 8:30 AM then Rhythm at 12:45 PM.  We had 5 dancers join in the festivities this year with a total of 34 entries Cora, Dian, Donna, Patty, & Sue have been training very hard for this competition.  And, all their hard work paid off.  I am so honored and proud to work with these lovely talented ladies. Way to go TEAM StudioDNA DANCERS! 

30 -1st places, 2 -2nd places, and 2 -3rd places.

      A special thank you to Debbie, Linda, Ed, & Karl who came to support us as we danced.  Thank you to Ed, Karl, & Dian for taking photos during the event.  Many thanks to all our StudioDNA family & friends who sent us well wishes, sent us texts, and followed us on Facebook along the way.

Cora:  1st: (NC) Hustle & Samba. (PB) Rumba, Waltz, Tango, & Foxtrot. 



Dian:  1st: (PS) Cha, Rumba, & Swing.    1st: Bonze Am. Rhythm Scholarship: Cha, Rumba, & Swing.             



Donna:  1st: (NC) Swing  (PB) Rumba, Salsa, Foxtrot, & Waltz.      



Patty:  1st: (IB2) Swing, Hustle, Salsa, West Coast Swing, Samba, Tango, & Viennese Waltz.  2nd: (PS) Foxtrot  3rd: (PS) Cha & Rumba      



Sue:  1st: (FB) Tango, Viennese Waltz, Samba, & Cha (IS) Waltz & Foxtrot   2nd: (FB) Rumba


theStudioDNA crew

Cora, Patty, Donna, & Sue

Sue & John

Donna & John

Cora & John

Patty & John

Sue, Cora, Patty, Donna, & John

Dian & Karl

Cora & Ed

Debbie & John

John, Donna, Cora, Dian, Patty, & Sue






Patty & John

Cora & John

Sue & John

Dian & John

Donna & John

Dian & John w/ her 1st place Brnz Scholarship trophy & prize money reward