SExBoM - Sensual Exotic Body Movement


Patty Simmons Instructor  Classes will be held in our Canton or Pikesville studios OR Patty can bring the experience to you.

What exactly is SExBoM???  Exotic dance is unique, special, & different.  Let's compare it to an exotic drink or an exotic vacation destination.  It is an exciting getaway from the norm and yet allows you to relax and take in the pleasures and savor the experience: sensual yet not sexual.  Only sexual in the sense that you are celebrating your own personal self and pride in womanhood/sisterhood.  Many women have come together to celebrate: Birthdays, Bachelorette Parties, Cancer Survival, Retirement, or Just a Girls Night Out.  We welcome ALL women to join and learn, have fun, and take part in their self-expression!

Every woman should be able to express her sensuality in a non-threatening, non-competitive safe environment celebrating herself through the freedom of dance.  Loose yourself, be in the moment, feel the joy, and most certainly have FUN.  Escape form the pressures and stress of everyday life and just allow yourself time to decompress and be a part of this therapeutic group of supportive women.  For 90 minutes, just move and enjoy the experience that the SExBoM can provide.

SExBoM is a class that has more to do with changing yourself from the inside out and learning to trust your inner movements and expresse them outwardly then just doing mere dance moves.  Let Patty take you on a journey you and your gal pals will never forget!  A truly unique and unforgettable experience for all women no matter your age, weight or size, or cultural background, Give yourself the gift of feeling beautiful now.

Call or email Patty NOW for classes or to book a party:
      cell :443-520-2245