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APRIL Dance Party  Saturday the 26th, 2014

  A fantastic evening of DANCE & FUN was had at StudioDNA.  We began the evening with a Mambo lesson from 7:30 until 8:15.  A big thank you to dear friend Debbie for brining so many dancers to our party.  What a wonderful mix of people especially when we are 30 dancers strong.  What a great group!  If you haven't been to one of our parties in a while.  You really ARE missing some great times.  Please come join us when you can. 

  As usual DJJohnnyD played a mix of Smooth and Rhythm dances, some line dances, a Paul Jones Foxtrot, and a couple Freestyles too.  We offer up Texas Two Step, Bachata, & Bolero as well for all our guests.  Debbie's clients & friends bring such a fun mix to our dance parties.  We change partners, meet and make new friends, network, and partake in all the joy that DANCE has to offer.  We celebrated Karl's birthday and also gave early wishes and love to Kristen too.  Please join us and be a part of the FUN!

Patty & John

John & Debbie

Carol & Russell

Cora, John, & Linda

Faith & Barbara

Kristen & Debbie

Patty, Chanya, Dian, Karl, & Bernice

Ray & Joy

Dian & John

John & Cora

Patty & Karl

Dian & Chanya

Linda, Nancy, & Debbie

Rick & Nancy

Chuch & Shelley

Bill & Susan

Linda & Don

Faith & John

Cora & Coalette

Debbie, Susan, & Bill

Ray & Joy

Bernice & John

Dian presents Karl with a Birthday surprise.

Dian, Karl, Patty, & John

Chuck & Shelley

Marsha & Tom

a circle dance

Betty, Faith, & Barbara

This is what you can expect at StudioDNA, friends & hugs!