the Alzheimer's Association Of Maryland presents  

  "DANCING STARS Memory Ball 2013"  Saturday April 13th evening of DANCE to raise money and awareness for care & support of all those affected by Alzheimer's

     This year John danced with Sue Levi, a kind and generous vibrant member of the community who thrives on her ability to reach out and help others in need.  She is a 1966 graduate of Forrest Park HS and wife of Mark, mother of two, and grandmother of nine.  Sue was a Realtor for twenty years. 

     Since Sue and John were introduced so late in the game and started dance practice in February, they had a lot of work to do.  Sue also had many occasions when she was out of town for family events and this too took its toll on their schedule.  Not to worry, because she and John formed a very special friendship and bond while working so diligently.  Tears from laughter were a very big part of their practice sessions and some of the sessions lasted over 5 hours of back to back dancing.  "Oy Vey"...what cha gonna do?  Ya gotta dance when ya got the time!!!!

     John and Sue were introduced through Lori Pollack, a joyful and amazingly spirited woman!  Like two peas in a pod, Sue and John began practicing and getting to know one another so John could decide what dance and song would best bring out Sue's abilities.  Not shy to be the center of attention, Sue, asked for lifts and throws and splits right away.  Of course John said "Let's see how well you walk and chew gum first!"  Little did Sue know that she met her match as John loves the glow and attention too.

     The song "Mercy" by Duffy brought forth a real sensual energy and pounding rhythm that John turned into a Rumba for Sue.  They began the dance with a side by side solo section that went into partner dancing until the end when they broke apart and completed the dance with more side by side solo work and lots of hip shaking, fast foot work, undulations, and a big dip finish!

     Sue purchased her gorgeous dress from StudioDNA's collection along with her shoes. John assisted her with jewelry styling and applied her make-up and styled her hair as well.  At StudioDNA, a client has only to worry about producing the movement & timing of the dance.  John does all the rest!

      This is the 4th year that John Dawson from StudioDNA has been involved with the Memory Ball.  Last year, 2012, John danced with Ellen Brooks performing a stylized and glamorous Foxtrot.  In 2011, John danced with Heidi Slacum doing a Latin Mix of dances.  And in 2010, John choreographed a Rumba dance for an amateur couple, Ray Mitchener and Chi Chi Bosworth  The Memory Ball, held at the Marriott Waterfront Hotel, has always been an evening filled with celebration and honor through DANCE to commemorate our loved ones who struggle with this disease.  It is a celebration to family and caretakers to help relieve some of the pain and frustration unfortunately brought on to those who are affected by this disease. 

       Through the efforts of ALL the "Dancing Stars" an amazing amount of over $346,250 was raised!  Sue Levi along with her dedicated husband Mark rallied the help and support of friends, family, & clients and raised $35,290.00.  John wishes to also thank his family, friends, and clients who also donated to Sue to help out this year!  A special thank you to everyone who gave support, whether monetarily and/or emotionally.  We all suffer through Alzheimer's, but we can raise our spirits and dance as you will see in the pictures below. 

practicing at StudioDNA

on the floor


the much talked about dip

"call me"

Back that thang up

sizzle shake and sass!

getting ready to throw down!

Pretty posers


Lori, John, & Sue

Lori, John, & Terri

John & Patty

John & David

Patty & Sue

Sue & her dear friends

John with Ellen (2012 Dancer)

ahhh sweet love!

fun time after the performance

Sue cops a feel! Bad Sue!

The 2013 dancers

John & Sue

Congratulations to Sue & John